Lay-away Plans

Over the last decades, using of lay-away plans contract has considerably grown especially here in the Philippines.  This is due to the fact that people do value the purpose of memorial planning.  It also involves the purchaser's desire to prepare for the future and relieve the next of kin the burden of planning and paying for the funeral.  The major role of the purchase of lay-away policy is to allow the purchaser/s to plan ahead the kind of funeral and services that suits or reflects their desire.

Nowadays, the costs of the average funeral is getting higher and higher, and in the future, will probably be continuing in competition.  Lay-away plan is also a wise move because it can lock in the cost of a future funeral service as of present.  Filipinos, for one, have been buying burial plots in advance, a practice they have for so many years.  Primarily, this is to insure that family members, particularly the spouses, can be buried together.

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